Undergraduate Studies

The program of studies of the department of Physiotherapy is in line with the European countries’ program of studies and the guidelines of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy – WCPT.


General characteristics of the program

  • Overall number of modules: 47 
  • Mandatory Modules: 42 with the dissertation thesis– 43 with replacement of the dissertation thesis with 2 optional modules of the 8th semester
  • Total number of teaching hours:  172
  • Total number of theoretical hours: 122 (71%)
  • Total number of workshop hours: 50 (29%)
  • Total number of clinical placement hours: 40
  • Duration of mandatory clinical placement: 4 months
  • Mandatory ellective modules: 4 modules and a dissertation thesis [1 ellective module on 3rd, 6thand 7th semester] – 5 modules with replacement of the dissertation thesis with 2 ellective modules of the 8th semester
  • The dissertation thesis is an ellective module and can be replaced with 2 ellective modules of the 8th semester
  • Overall workload 7.200 hours
  • ECTS: 240 (1 ECTS is equivalent to 30 hours of workload)


Previous programs of undergraduate studies