Postgraduate Studies

Α. Postgraduate program of studies

“ New methods in Physiotherapy”

Field of study- Aim- Learning outcomes

The field of the Post-graduate program of studies (P.P.S) is evidence-based production and transmission of advanced knowledge, expertise, methodology, technological and research outcomes in the Physiotherapy science with emphasis in the prevention, improvement and rehabilitation of pathological conditions, congenital or acquired, as well as of injuries that cause dysfunction in the respiratory, musculoskeletal and nervous system. The modules of the field of the Master’s program refer to the prevention, improvement, rehabilitation, therapeutical exercise and function training. The modules are divided into two general subareas according to the system where the dysfunction occurs: the Respiratory, the Musculoskeletal and Nervous systems.

Aims of the program: The advancement of knowledge and the evolution of research in relevant scientific Physiotherapy fields of the Post-graduate Program of Studies, as well as the construction of high level Physiotherapists.

After completion of the program it is expected that postgraduate students:

  • will have acquired high degree of scientific training and specialized skills such as knowledge, potential and social/ methodological capabilities in work on study-related conditions.
  • Will know the positions, attitudes and beliefs of the current physiotherapist in order to serve social process and act in scientific, research and professional communities.
  •  Will understand and manage the needs of patients with respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions resulting in quality healthcare service.
  •  Will have clinical reasoning and research design capabilities in the field of Respiratory, Musculoskeletal and Neurological knowledge. 


Β. Doctoral (PhD) studies

The department of Physiotherapy awards a Doctorate Diploma in the Physiotherapy Science

The Doctoral studies of the Physiotherapy Department aim at training Doctors  in the fields of a) Circulatory and Musculoskeletal Systems, b) Nervous System, c) Respiratory System, which will have the ability of independent and autonomous promotion of science, research and technology.


C. Post-doc research